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My name is Nick Hawryliak I am married and have two wonderful children. I have been a resident of Las Vegas for 6  years now. I come from Florida and decided it was time for a change. After I moved to the Desert I decided I wanted to continue  the bee removal trade and with the utmost care to remove bees from peoples homes and living space safely. So that no one involved would be injured and still keeping our precious bee population safe and thriving

During my stay in Florida I spent much of my bee saving experience with the recognized and award winning bee removal expert Keith Councell, who has over 20 years of experience and has appeared on National Geographic and has received many awards and honors in the field. I was Taught by some one who truly values our ecosystem and the role bees play in it.



My Mission

  • To preserve our precious bees

  • Meet and exceed your expectations

  • Give 5 star customer service

  • Education on safety with bees

  • To leave you with a smile on your face

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